When it comes to food and beverage, consumers prioritize nutritional value and taste as well as new experiences. Manufacturers looking to satisfy consumer demand need to get new and premium products fast while keeping food safe and prices low. With the help of Syscon Automation Group, LLC, companies can achieve these goals.

We offer food processing automation to Utah customers. Our engineering teams have a comprehensive understanding of the food and beverage sector’s unique demands, from processing raw materials to shipping finished products. They understand that nearly every stage of the production lifecycle requires innovative automation solutions for better cost control and efficiency.

How Automation Helps Food and Beverage Companies

Manufacturers that introduce automation in their food and beverage production will reap the following benefits:

  • Boost in Efficiency – When developed and deployed correctly, system automation performs work better and faster than human workers.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety – Automation can take care of repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks. This way, manufacturers save employees from the risks and monotony of a particular job. Further, increased safety for the loyal workforce can ease maintenance or operation costs in the long run. It may result in a more widespread and quicker adoption of new regulations and standards for the workforce at large.
  • Improved Quality Control – The appropriate automation systems can catch issues and defects early in the food and beverage supply chain. By spotting problems during processing or packaging, manufacturers can decrease the number of problematic products that enter the market.

Rely on Our Extensive Experience and Expertise

We have vast industry experience spanning all food and beverage production aspects, including:

  • Conveying and processing liquid and dry base ingredients and raw materials
  • Managing the batch production process, including shredding, mixing, drying, cooling and baking
  • Packaging of finished products

Our engineers have proven expertise developing custom equipment for unique client requirements and specific processes.

In June of 2017, after more than 30 years of life, Rockwell Automation discontinued selling the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 control platform and will no longer support that technology. Contact Syscon Automation to plan your migration to Rockwell’s new ControlLogix Control System platform today.

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