The automotive industry is continuously changing and evolving to meet market demands and competitor innovations. While automotive automation technology keeps changing, the challenge has always been to get the production line moving faster, more efficiently and with increased quality. Syscon Automation solves these problems for automotive manufacturers.

Our automotive automation services include:

  • Machine Vision and Quality Control Applications
  • Custom-Built Machines
  • Pick and Place Robots
  • Material Handling Robotics
  • Legacy System Migrations
  • Control System Standardizations
  • Functional Machine Assessments
  • Control Network Design and Cyber-security

Syscon Automation has the experience in automotive automation to make every part of the automotive supply chain more effective at deploying automation.  We understand the urgent need to reduce costs and know the automation methods designed to help manufacturing plants squeeze another 1-2% from their lines, reduce their operational costs, and achieve higher quality output.

Whether you’re involved in final assembly or creating essential automotive parts, Syscon Automation can help you utilize new technologies that enable better business decisions by giving you global data access, increased security and safety, and lower error margins all while running with better efficiency and productivity.

Syscon Automation has helped automotive manufacturers in the western US with automation solutions since 2002. 

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